Friday, 27 June 2014

Review: Bourjois Java Powder | Ayesha

I'm not much of a powder person, it's not something that really excites me. I bought a Bobbi Brown powder for my engagement party, but it made me look a bit cakey and in the photographs my skin looked shiny - clearly it didn't do what it was supposed to! I then drifted towards a translucent powder. I bought Mac Prep+Prime which I do quite like and love how there's no faff about matching up to your skin tone. However, it makes my skin look a tad too mattified - I like a bit of dewyness. Cue a trip to Boots.

I had read some good reviews about it but they never mentioned how AMAZING it was! Firstly, there is a little bit of history. Bourjois has been around since 1863, but it was this Java powder that put them on the map. Obviously the formula is not the same as the original, but I am really impressed by the quality and formulation of the product. This is my face after wearing it for nearly 12 hours:

As you can see, there is a little shine on my nose but the rest of my face seems quite dewy. I also haven't touched up all day! 


Price. It's cheaper than the high-end brands at £9.99, but probably on the higher end of the scale for a drugstore price. For me though, instead of repurchasing the MAC powder, I will just be getting this in future!

Smell: This powder has a rose scent to it, possibly because it contains rose extract! However, if you're not into rose smells, this could be a con for you. I know some people are allergic or sensitive to parfum in products, so be careful if this is you. I have sensitive skin and I've been fine with it, but just test it out for yourself to make sure you don't get a reaction.

Formula: I was impressed by how fine this powder was, so soft and light to the touch. You can barely feel it's there. It's also pinky in shade, but does not appear pink on the skin. Instead, it gives it a slight luminous quality and has subtle flecks of shimmer, so it acts as a multi-use product as there would be no need for highlighter. 


Packaging: I'm talking more about the interior of the packaging more than the outer part (if something works, I don't care what it looks like). Somehow, no matter how much I clean it up and keep the tub straight, a lot of loose powder falls out. I can be so careful and yet some product is wasted. Why does it do that?! Maybe I'm just clumsy?

That's literally all I can think of!

I hope this has helped you make a decision if you wanted to buy a new powder. Have fun!
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