Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Jean Shrimpton | Zahra

60's supermodel

Vogue cover girl

Famous for her thick fringe, large doe eyes and arched eyebrows, Jean Shrimpton was known to be one of the most beautiful women at the time.

Apart from Marylin Monroe, Jean is one of my all time favourite 'vintage' models.

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Notorious Magazine

Her makeup is what really amazes me: fanned out bottom lashes, the classic wing, natural lip colours, and the typical black crease line.
Fashion wise, I love most of the 60's style dresses (especially with collars) and they're what she pulls off effortlessly. For her jewelry, I really like her bold statement pieces like necklaces and massive, colourful rings. 

To me, it looks like Lana Del Ray has taken some inspiration from Jean's look (I don't blame her)...

Photo from Thatericalper
Photo from Thatgrapejuice

As you can see, she's gone for the natural(ish) lips in the top picture and the classic wing in the bottom, both of which were famously worn by Jean. Voluminous, slicked back hair was worn in the bottom picture which was worn my Jean a few times too.

I love Jean purely because of how she (sort of) naturally looked like. Obviously there was no photoshop so editing couldn't really be done (especially in the vast quantities of how it is now) and don't even get me started on how much I love her hair.
                          - even though I'm too afraid of cutting my hair, and even though it probably wouldn't suit me very well, I'd love my hair to look like that- messy/sleek and super voluminous.

                   Do you have any 60's models that you have weirdly fallen in love with?

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