Sunday, 8 June 2014

A Guide To Coventry | Zahra

Some might say that Coventry is one of the most boring places in England and quite frankly,   I agree with them. 

Coventry is located (sort of) south of Birmingham and is apparently the 10th biggest city in England (that just shows how small England really is)

I've lived in Coventry for pretty much my whole life so I know what's here and there so if you do ever find yourself stuck here, here's a guide on what you should do.

1. Primark-it's pretty big with 3 floors and it always being packed- PLENTY of clothes to be bought.
2. Tescos (Ricoh Arena)- bit weird but it's HUGE and even has shops around and inside.
3. City centre- even though I prefer to go to the Bullring in Birmingham because it's so much bigger, Cov still has some pretty decent shops too (it's even better at Christmas).
4. Car boot sales- if you to the outskirts of Coventry there are quite a few nearly every weekend, so go grab yourself some bargains.
5. Central 6 Shopping Centre and Ikea- both very close to each other a good range of shops if you don't want to go through the stress of going into the city centre.

Activites and food
1. Ice- skating- huge ice rink next to Ikea and it's not that packed.
2. City- centre- Nandos. End of story.
3. Drayton Manor Theme Park is only about 20 mins outside of Coventry (does that count?)
4. There's a small area in the city centre full of places to eat whether it's Subway, Starbucks or something new.
5. War Memorial Park- this park is filled with war memorials, a little play section and enough open fields to raise a the amount of sheep in Wales (just kidding).

1. Coventry Transport Museum- a museum filled with cars, lorries, planes that have been preserved for years.
2. The Herbert Art museum- old, classic paintings to modern new sculptures.
3. The Tudor road- this road has been around for centuries and was miraculously not bombed during WWI+II.
4. The Cathedral- now this was bombed during World War 2 I believe and hasn't been re-built but is strangely very fascinating- inside and out.
5. The Bus Station- wow, creative. You might think it's a little strange but it's actually really nice (outside) and the transport is right outside plus there are a few statues there too.

So that concludes today, I hope you found it somewhat helpful and I'll be back next week.

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