Friday, 20 June 2014

Friday Night Cinema Fun | Zahra

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Oh my god. What a film

Today I went to the cinema with a few friends and lets just say (nearly) all of us had a little break down- one quote that one of my friends (that I will never stop laughing over) was : 'Zahra?! Are you crying *starts hysterically crying*' Me: 'Yeah *stares at screen for ten seconds then starts shaking*'

I won't give too much information out because I am fully aware that some people haven't watched or read it yet (shock horror, neither have I.)
The reason I haven't read it was purely because I don't actually own the book, although I did have a very splendid first 3 chapter sample on the 'Kindle' app.

The general story: Hazel Grace Lancaster has cancer and meets a boy named Augustus Waters. They fall in love, but all gets twisted...

I highly, highly recommend this to everyone. I assure that if you're a pretty emotional person that takes the tiniest thing to set off (like myself) you're going to cry, but they're good tears.


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