Sunday, 15 June 2014

Almond oil as... makeup remover?! | Ayesha

Have you ever found yourself rubbing your eyes raw with makeup remover? Even the ones that suggest you should leave the cotton pad soaked in remover over your eye for 10-15 seconds then gently wipe away leave a lot of residue for me. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Well anyway, I was feeling very conscious that I could be causing damage to my eyes and if I want nice eyes when I'm 40, then I have to look after them now. This when I discovered I could use this:

Honestly, I wore eyeshadow, mascara and some waterproof eyeliner the other day and in one swipe my eyeshadow had melted away. A couple of extra gentle wipes removed my mascara. I no longer had red, raw looking eyes and the added benefit is that the oil is moisturising. As it should, seeing as it's oil... The only downside, however, is that my eyes feel like they've been underwater too long after I've used it. Perhaps it's the way I apply it to my eye?

For other benefits of almond oil, read my cousin's blog as she does an amazing review on it. 

Hope this helps!
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