Saturday, 5 July 2014

A speedy skin saviour for spots | Ayesha

Don't be fooled by this product's medicinal-looking exterior, or put off by the fact that it's traditionally used as a baby nappy rash cream. Sudocrem is probably my favourite skin cream as it has a multitude of multi-tasking properties. 

When I was about 10 I suffered from acne. It continued for about 2 years until my mum suggested I put Sudocrem on my face every night and every morning. Honestly, my face cleared up in about 3 days. To this day, if I get any spots or blemishes on my skin, I use Sudocrem and after 2-3 days they are gone!

*I'm not saying Sudocrem will work for everyone. Sometimes acne is caused by hormonal issues so you will need to speak to your GP. This works as a treatment for sporadic spots you may get or in my case, acne you may experience as a teenager - try it and see if it works for you!* 

As it says on the tin, it's also good for minor burns, sunburn, itchiness, small wounds, basically any kind of skin or medical need you may have, it's great. I don't own any other antiseptic cream at home so if I have a cut, I just apply this and it does a great job. You only need a touch - it explicitly states to apply a thin layer - and the job is done. You can keep reapplying throughout the day if necessary.

You can get this at almost all supermarkets and chemists, I actually bought mine from a cheap £2 type shop in Coventry (The Foleshill Warehouse - it's not a pound shop, but the prices don't stray too far from it) and its very cheap considering how long it'll last you, about £2.50. 


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