Thursday, 31 July 2014

The most amazing moisturiser I have ever tried ¦ Ayesha

I have been through a LOT of moisturisers. I have been reading a lot about whether you should pay more for a moisturiser, as some people (e.g. Caroline Hirons, check out her blog!) say you get what you pay for with a moisturiser. I'm not sure I believe this as yet, I am too afraid to fork out £300 for a moisturiser that claims it can make me stay looking youthful until well in my 60s. Hmm. 

So anyway, I was browsing in Boots the other day when I discovered a new range by Indeed Labs. One called 'Hydraluron' caught my eye, and in particular, the one called moisture jelly. I have read a lot of reviews about this brand so I was keen to try it out. Full price it is £24.99, but there was an offer for £16.66. This is still expensive in my eyes but I wanted to try it anyway. 


My skin is normal to dry, but my cheeks are driest in particular. I have been using a concentrated Vitamin C serum from the Body Shop to target the scaly dry patch on my right cheek in particular, which works well, but using this cream has meant I have not had to touch up at all. I applied it once yesterday and my skin felt hydrated and smooth ALL day up until I washed it in the evening. 

It's a bit new fangled, I didn't know how to apply it at first. I was shaking it upside down before I realised you have to push the white bit down to release the jelly. The amount you see here is enough for your whole face so a little goes a long way, which is good for longevity. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product if you have similar skin to mine. I am still yet to find an amazing moisturiser as this one in a cheaper price bracket, but at least I'm not paying an extortionate amount for this. 

Which moisturiser do you use?

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