Monday, 21 July 2014

My Top 5 Lipsticks | Zahra

I know I've talked about most of these lipsticks before, but hey, why not talk about them in more depth?

- Borjouis Rouge Edition Velvets 'Peach Club'
This lipstick applies like a gloss, but dries opaque and matte, the colour selection isn't the best, as this was the nudist shade. They are ridiculously long lasting and I have had the experience of literally scrubbing my lips with eye makeup remover as it's so clingy. The colour, I would describe as a corally pink, sort of what reminds me of a peach and is a really nice everyday sort of colour.
- Rimmel Kate Moss '107' 
I think the only reason why I don't like these are the fact that they don't have proper names, they're just numbers (apart from 111 (I think)- 'Kiss of Life'). This is a matte lipstick which isn't the most moisturizing but doesn't give you dry, chapped lips. The colour is a dark, vampy red, which is everyday wearable, but I tend to blot it on my lips instead.
- (Here comes the Topshop)
The formula of Topshop mesmerizes me because they are so creamy and long lasting, and essentially, the white packaging tends to mean that it's matte, but it doesn't dry your lips.
'All About Me'
A bright pink with bluey undertones to make those teeth look amazing. I've worn this bright (full on) once but I am much more comfortable having it on as a stain.
I've spoken about this previously a couple of times and it never fails to amaze me. This I have worn fully and I love it. It's a bright orange, but doesn't drown you out or make you look somewhat ill.
MAC 'Shanghai Spice'
Lastly, my first and only (currently) Mac lipstick. This is a creemsheen finish so it's not super pigmented but it doesn't look like nothing. This particular coloour is like a corally/ orange nude and I wear it with nearly every slightly heavier eye look because it neutralises it down a bit. 
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