Thursday, 10 July 2014

Beauty Hacks 101 | Zahra

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We've all gone through those days where nothing we do looks right, right?

#1. When applying blusher, apply it on your cheekbone, and stop at the pupil of the eye.

#2. Winged liner (arghh)- draw a line as if it's continuing from your lower waterline, pointing towards the end of the eyebrow.

#3. Lipstick on your teeth? Stick your finger in your mouth and pull out- you know that stuff that's on your finger? Yeah that was going to be on your teeth soon.

#4. If you've run out of your favourite gel/ liquid liner, use that pencil liner that you never use- heat it up using anything remotely hot e.g hairdryers, curling wands, lighters... et VOILA.

#5. When using a setting powder with colour, use one that is 1 shade lighter than your skin because if you keep applying it through the day, by the end of it you may be lucky to not look like someone's spilled some sort of permanent tango on you.

#6. Have 2 blending brushes on hand for smokey eyes- dirty ones will just further increase the intensity and smudging of the colour rather than it being all soft and...'fluffy'

#7. Even if your eyes aren't oily, primer makes the colour more intense, so less product is used, therefore allowing you to have a longer life with your favourite eyeshadows (why does that sound like one of my many English essays for Shakespeare or something?)

#8. Eyebrow wise, less is definitely more- here me out, black eyeliner is just a no go.

#9. Forget using black eyeliner on your lower lashline, out your mascara wand as far in as you can and there: perfect defined eyes.

#10. Lastly, perfume goes- 
                                            behind the ears
                                            base of the throat
                                            inside wrist
                                            behind knees
                                            inside elbows

I hope this was helpful, whether you're starting out with makeup and you need a base or you knew all of these but you're just 'refreshing' your memory :)

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