Thursday, 31 July 2014

Eid, a day of...indulgence... ¦ Ayesha

It was Eid on Monday 28th July, to mark the end of Ramadan. Hubby and I spent this year with my side of the family. You pray at the beginning of the day then families get together for some festivities, largely involving food.  My sister had chosen our outfits when she went to Qatar a couple of months ago, they were amazing! 

We ate a LOT of densely calorific food that day, but that's ok. It's a day of indulgence after fasting after all. Let me break what I ate down for you:

Breakfast: 1 parantha (like a pan-fried chappati) with halwa (a semolina dessert made with butter, sugar, and optional sultananas), mini mince pastries, suji sewaiya (a sweet non-creamy vermicelli dish, like noodles but it's delicious), and some coffee.

Lunch: Rice, meat, a samosa, yogurt, and some carrot halwa (as before but with carrots, yum) with ice cream. 

Dinner: Rice, more mince pastries, more meat,  my mum's home-made scotch eggs, and falooda for dessert (it's a drink made with the same vermicelli noodles as before, with milk and ice cream. You have to drink the milk with the straw then eat the rest with a spoon. A whole day's worth of sugar in one drink. Oh dear).

Needless to say I went for a run the next day.

Can I just talk about breakfast yesterday? It was so good. Toasted seseme seed bagel, topped with cream cheese, some smoked salmon and black pepper on top. YUM. I shouldn't really be eating bread as it makes me feel really bloated and with an upset tummy so I did suffer later.

 I enjoyed it while it lasted.
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