Thursday, 31 July 2014

Maxxing Out and Pillow Talking | Zahra

Oops I did it again
I popped into town on Saturday or Sunday, bought nothing but this (I did get a lush face mask sample and a body 'conditioner' though).
I wanted to get a nude but ended up with this (once again my genius nude plan failed).
It's a pale pink which doesn't look very good fully applied on my skin tone (light-ish medium)..maybe in the winter but dabbed on and blended out looks pretty cool. I'm not going to go into too much detail, but I will leave a TS lipstick review HERE.

Bought from TK Maxx

Today my mum and I went shopping, I intended to buy a small money/card purse but I saw this. I have to say that my dad was right when he said that I was a (designer) handbag fanatic.
I fell in love with this £19 Fiorelli  bag (reduced from about £30). 
It's a decent size, so it can hold a lot of things (about twice as much as my current bag which I do still love- I bought it in Qatar in a half price sale!).
I think this bag will go with so many outfits as it's mostly brown and cream which, normally go with pretty much everything.

Lately I've wanted to start my own YouTube channel and talk a bit about everything so, that's what I've done. My first video is incredibly random (my brother made me watch David Attenborugh's  'Planet Earth' and the clip was at the beginning so he played the song and made me post it on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YT)
I hope to do some proper videos and I'd love to hear some suggestions in the comments.



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