Friday, 29 August 2014

Considering the 'Lob' and Getting the Chop? | Zahra

                                            [All photos from google]

     Even though my hair is ridiculously long (it's not that long)...

...I keep considering getting it cut off because it annoys me so much sometimes (people with long hair will probably agree with me- you practically want to shave it all off).
I don't know if I would suit getting a 'Lob' (it would help if my layers were still short enough to hang just below my shoulders so I could actually see what I look like, but unfortunately they don't.)
Even though I probably won't suit it, the 'Lob' does look really nice all the same (the photo of Lily Pebbles is something that I would be more likely to do with my hair as it's a bit longer) and maybe I might be able to pluck up the courage and part with my hair soon? (probably not.)
I really like how it gives you a lot more volume, rather than using 2023 different voluminising products at the top of your hair and did I mention how quick it would be to dry?

I you've had hair like mine and actually cut it off, leave a comment down below how it went and what your thoughts were on it... 

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