Monday, 25 August 2014

The Best Bargain Face Scrub I've Ever Used? | Zahra

This could potentially be the best thing that could ever happen to my face!

It's The 'Osiris Apricot Face Scrub' which is another little bargain from the 99p store.
Story Time:
 My mum and I went in there because she needed to buy a mop (casual) and she asked me if I needed a new face scrub, which I actually did, so I picked this one up as it looked quite similar to the St. Ives apricot scrub (which I love ever so much) and I was feeling ever so adventurous to try out something thatI've never heard of. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and I actually really like it (although I warn you, it smells more like cherry bakewells than apricots....I'm not complaining)

As you can see, the consistency is quite creamy and the exfoliating bead things aren't overloaded in the tube; they're quite spread out. 
The scrub itself is very gentle, but it does its job, it controls the oils and blemishes on my face and makes it really clean (state the obvious Zahra!) I use this roughly every Monday, Thursday and Saturday- the other days I just use my normal cleanser (apart from Sunday-that's lather your face in a face mask day :))

All in all, I think this scrub was well worth the 99p it cost + look at how much you get!-that's going to last me a while.

Hope you've had a good bank holiday weekend.

What are your favourite face scrubs?

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