Monday, 11 August 2014

26 Facts About Me | Zahra

I too am going to do this, just so you lovely people can get... an 'insight' on my life...Plus I can't just have 25 facts, that's too difficult to narrow down

1. I love cats and guinea pigs (mostly cats- I would marry one if I could.)

                                                           Both images from google

2. My favourite foods are the 'Cadbury' popping candy chocolate, pizza and New York cheesecake (especially the one from Tesco.)

3. I have 3 favourite words: 'bubble', 'crackle' (the 'le' pronounce more as a 'w') and 'plethora'

4. I'm between 5ft4-6 (I haven't measured myself in a while)

5. I used to love reading books and still have shelves full of books, some of which I still have to read.

6. I used to be (and still kind of am) a massive Harry Potter fanatic and I read the books like 9 times in a row or something (crazy I know!)

7. I love drawing and designing things.

8. I once wrote a book about a man who lived in a desert with his family and his camel who gets sent off to find water (it was like 4 pages long) BUT I'm also working on a 'work in progress' project which, if I finish it, should end up pretty good.

9. My dream jobs would be to work in the fashion/makeup industry or to become a YouTuber (if it does somehow workout.)

10. At the moment, my favourite songs are: 'Lose Yourself' (Eminem), 'Pretty Hurts' and 'Flawless' (Beyonce), 'Thinkin Bout You' (Frank Ocean), 'All Of Me' (John Legend- not the radio version) and 'Stay With Me' (Sam Smith.)

11. Even though I don't celebrate Christmas, I still love it and get super excited for it 

12. I'm forever wishing I was born in 1990 but obviously there's nothing I can do about that.

13. I can be very shy at first, but don't be fooled, once you know me, I'm a right old weirdo (weird's good though, right?)

14. I really want to travel the world when I finish school and go to: Australia, Shanghai, Singapore, Bali, South Africa, Florence + Milan (Italy), Miami, New York, LA, Florida (I still haven't been to Disneyworld even though my parents quite literally promised they'd take me 10 years ago), Edinburgh and the Maldives (before it goes down under.)

13. If you can't already tell, I have a massive addiction (I like to call it an admiration) to Topshop lipsticks.

14. My hair's too long to manage but I still refuse to cut it (I haven't had a haircut it over a year!)

15. I'm listening to the 'Frozen' soundtrack whilst writing this.

16. I bruise really easily and always wake up with little bruises and cuts on my arms and legs.

17. I get quite moody when I'm too hot or too cold.

18. If I'm alone or with my friends, I think I'm the next Whitney Houston or Jay Z (I basically attempt to sing/rap and normally fail miserably.).

19. I prefer autumn/ winter opposed to spring/summer, purely because I can wrap up and I have an excuse to wear my super white and green fluffy Topshop coat! (It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!)

20. I'm addicted to cookies. 

21. I spend most of my free time sifting through the depths of YouTube.

22. When I was about 8/9 I really wanted to be in the Olympics even though I was (and still am) crap at sports (although I don't think I'm too bad at tennis.)

23.                                   I'm deeply attracted to this ^^^ bag.

24.  I'm slowly becoming more and more fussy when it comes to food (although, if it's put in front of me, I will most likely just eat it.)

25. I'm quite the speller- even if I haven't heard or seen the word, most of the time I'll know how to spell it.

26. I'm writing this at 11:30pm.

My sister's facts: 10 facts about me

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