Thursday, 7 August 2014

Adding to the Collection: Topshop 'Chuck' | Zahra

Me+shopping=Topshop lippies

Here's the story: I went to the Bullring in Birmingham yesterday with my sister for her birthday, we walked into Topshop, I spent half an hour thinking about whether or not I wanted a cream leather jacket (£30 in the sale! Mind you, it did look really nice)...which in the end, I didn't get anyway. So we obviously had to go to the holy grail makeup counter there and pick up a lipstick (*cough cough* not that it took long AT ALL). I was planning to buy 'Mink' as I'm really loving Kylie Jenner's makeup and this lipstick seemed fairly similar to hers.

Can someone get me her hat please?

It's a browny/nude (very 90s) and looks amazing on her.
In actual fact, it turns out that the Topshop in the Bullring doesn't stock 'Mink' so I was a bit upset, but I noticed the sheer lipsticks and thought 'I've never tried those so I picked one up in the colour 'Chuck' which is a gorgeous dark,nudey/pink (your lips but better).
The formula of this is so creamy and long lasting- considering that it's a sheer lip colour, it's super pigmented- it's really moisturising and I like how it's glossy (even though I'm not the biggest fan of gloss). This could possibly be my new favourite everyday lip product (if it doesn't melt and snap off like my Revlon Lip Butter which I seemed to have misplaced after I took it out of the fridge when it broke...?)

Are there any other Topshop makeup products that you love and want me to try?

I've also been thinking about my first (proper) video idea and, I think it's going to be a haul after I've been to Oxford Street in a couple of weeks.
(considering I don't have a job, I really do need to stop shopping)

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