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What shall I pack when travelling?! | Ayesha

In some ways, I would really love to have the time to chill out at home and not have much to do on the weekends. My reality is the opposite - I spend most weekends back and forth between London, Coventry and Wakefield. I'm grateful though, because it means I always have something to look forward to. I haven't been bored in about 2.5 years! 

One of my greatest pleasures of travelling so much is packing. Yes, I am a closet packer. I looovee packing! I hate unpacking, however. I would list packing as one of my favourite past times. My most favourite thing, which is what I am going to focus on today, is all about make-up and what I take with me on my travels. I own a tiny car, Toyota Aygo, which I have nick-named Bug because it looks like a fly. We always seem to be tight on space so I have to reduce how much I pack to fit it all in. 

So this baby is supposed to be a wash-bag. In the past, I used to carry all my skin care/body care items in this and use a separate bag to hold all my makeup. Now, I take everything in this including our toothbrushes and my husband's razor. It was a gift from my cousin for my birthday quite a few years ago now; I think it was from Boots as I seem to remember a Watermelon shower collection coming with it.

This is everything I stuff in, but there is still space for more!

I apologise for the lighting issues, it didn't look dark before uploading it! From left to right: 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. This was a free sample after I had bought some facial oil a couple of years ago. I hardly use cleansers but my skin needs an extra boost when I am away from home. You may think it's crazy but each city/town has different water, for example in London the water is hard and leaves my skin very dry, but in Yorkshire the water is softer, tastes better and doesn't dry out my skin so much! 

Body Shop Overnight Vitamin E serum-in-oil. I highly recommend this stuff. My skin has felt amazing, particularly in the morning. As the bottle suggests, you put this on before bed, give it some time to sink in (maybe 20 mins/half hour) and when you wake up in the morning, your skin has been given such a boost! I have to say I used quite a bit of this - I can be heavy handed with my application - so it used up in 2 months. I've had to repurchase it so I won't be as heavy handed as you really don't need a huge amount - just a couple of drops will do. I'll let you know how long it truly lasts. 

Lush Silky Underwear dusting powder. The name is quite suggestive and may give the wrong impression that you have to apply it... no. This is like a fancy talcum powder that you can apply anywhere. The differences between this and talcum powder are: 

- This smells way better (like jasmine, if you like the smell of jasmine)
- This does not leave white streaks or marks on clothes
- This gives added moisture as it contains cocoa butter.

I use it straight after I shower on my underarms and it has helped stop unpleasant odour you may experience after a long day. It doesn't stop sweating though, because that is natural; but it does help you to stay smelling fresh. I have also found it very useful as a dry shampoo. I had forgotten to pack some dry shampoo but because this contains cornstarch which is a natural oil absorber, it did the trick! A truly multi-use powder. 

Soap and Glory Sunshield Protector. I bought this after reading a review on Lily Pebbles' site that it is a good and slightly cheaper alternative to the Kiehl's one. I bought this as I have some scaly skin (sounds scary! but it's just a realllly dry patch on my right cheek that can go really red sometimes. It looks like I've applied too much blusher) and the vitamin C in this product really cleared it up. I did experience a reaction in my skin after using this for 3 or 4 days though, so I stopped for a couple of weeks. Then I decided to try it again and I haven't had a reaction, so I'm taking it to mean my skin is just weird as it's absolutely fine now, no problems! However, when this finishes I probably won't repurchase. The main purpose was because it contains Vit C and there is a concentrated Vit C serum in the Body Shop which is cheaper, so I will get that to target my scales in future.

Finally, Body Shop Vitamin E eye cream. Love this stuff, it's sorted out my undereye bags after a week! (Although, I can't say it's this on its own; I have been taking iron supplements recently and I feel it could be a combination of the two). 


Frizz-Ease has been my hair saviour. I apply it after I've washed and towel dried my hair, and again when it's totally dry. I very rarely blow-dry as I don't want to cause too much heat damage to my hair. This little bottle was actually a free sample from Hyde Park - they were just giving them away! Very handy. Available at Boots or Superdrug.

I feel that the hairspray and deodorant are pretty self-explanatory!

Onto face products, L-R.

Collection clear mascara, available at Boots or Superdrug. I use this as a brow setting gel, keeps them at bay all day! 

MAC brow pencil in Stud. This is a twist-up pencil which is so handy, no need to sharpen when it gets too low. This is the darkest brown in the collection, but my eyebrows are quite dark anyway so it looks natural on me. It has a nice formula, not too waxy but waxy enough and if you apply it in strokes, makes eyebrows look really defined. 

Maybelline Baby Skin face primer, available at Boots or Superdrug. I haven't actually tried this yet, even though it's been in my make-up bag for ages. I feel that the Urban Decay Naked BB cream (next to it - I got mine from Debenhams) lasts so long on my skin that I don't actually need a primer. For every day use I don't wear foundation; just BB cream or if I'm having a good skin day, concealor on my under eyes and around my nose. I'll use it one day and give you a proper review. 

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer - love this stuff, makes me look awake funnily enough! It's got quite heavy coverage but is still light enough to look natural, not at all cakey. In fact it makes my skin look quite dewy. It's amazing during term time. 

Topshop Glow in Polished. This is a gorgeous highlighter, but unfortunately seems to be unavailable on their website; I bought mine in store not too long ago, perhaps in March? They have another one called Gleam which is a golden shade, but the one I have is pinker. I will do a review and swatches in a separate post but it is safe to say it is my most favourite highlighter, much better and easier to apply than HighBeam by Benefit!

NARS blusher as mentioned in my previous post. This isn't what I normally take with me on my travels, I normally take the No7 Pop and Glow stick (available at Boots) which is a dupe for a NARS multiple (although not really, just the concept is similar). This NARS blusher is what I had to take with me as I got it delivered to my parents' house and had to bring it with me to my in-laws, where I am currently staying for the week.

The brush is a really old one passed down from my mum - the name has rubbed off or maybe it wasn't even there but it applies blush really evenly!

Now lip products! This is turning into a long one... L-R as usual.

MAC lipstick in See Sheer. This is actually more red-brown toned in real life. It is quite sheer, as the name suggests, so when I apply it I can build up to a nice pink-toned red, but is not at all in your face. It's a nice everyday lipstick.

Revlon lip butter in Sorbet (from Boots/Superdrug). See one of my previous posts for a little review.

Soap and Glory lip bullet in Raplumzel. As the name suggests, it's a nice plummy-red lip colour. Its a cross between a glossy balm and a lippy but more on the balm side. It's very moisturising while adding a pop of colour. They had a variety of shades but I picked this one up as I knew I would wear it often.

Finally, my favourite (and only) Chanel lipstick in Bois de Iles. Its a deep berry red but is super wearable. I save it for weddings, evenings, or any time I want to feel dressed up. I have worn it to work a couple of times too. It's a lovely buildable colour and stains your lips so you are left with the colour even if it wears off during the day. 

I usually just take MAC see sheer with me on my travels but as I'm away for the whole week, wanted to take a variety to befit any occasion that may arise. As of yet, there's been nothing but cooking, planning, assessments and report writing (still not finished) so I feel the lippies may just sit in the wash bag for the rest of my trip. 

Finally, FINALLY eye products! L-R:

Mascara wand with a built in mirror, how handy! I think it's by Model Co? I'm not too sure, it came free with a magazine. It's okay, lengthens my lashes and adds a touch of volume but the formula is so fine you can really build it up. It's not my favourite but I don't want to waste it so that's why it's in my travel bag. Did you know, I haven't bought a mascara for at least a year because I keep collecting them in magazines or make-up collections! I've acquired a sample of Benefit They're Real (I don't like it much, in all honesty... shock horror!), Smashbox full exposure (again, does the trick but not amazing) and this one pictured. I just want to finish them so as not to waste, then I can buy the one I like. Lancome Hypnose :)

Stila waterproof pencil in Damsel. This came free with an eyeshadow palette called In the Light. The palette is gorgeous, full of neutral shades. I don't own an Urban Decay Naked palette and won't need to as the colours in here are all I need! Anyway, back to the eyeliner itself. It's a lovely brown shade which is great for every day wear, and has a twist-up mechanism so no need to sharpen. 

Urban Decay Primer Potion - eyeshadow primer. Without a doubt I have not tried anything as long-wearing as this. I can safely say that I have left my eye make-up on for about 8 hours with no creasing or smudging. After 10 hours you can see some creasing, but that's really good going in my opinion.

NYX jumbo pencil in a golden shade. I bought this from Next, believe it or not. They have a little corner devoted to it in the Tesco Arena park in Coventry if you want to check it out. 

Finally, a MAC eyeshadow palette. I bought this from Bicester shopping village in the discount makeup store, the palette itself was limited edition. However, the reason I take it with me is because the shades are nice and neutral, and it includes a brush which is actually quite good. I use the flat side to pack on the colour, then use the edges of the brush to add dimension or shape my crease. 


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