Sunday, 4 May 2014

Shopping, Shopping And More Shopping | Zahra

Hello everyone :)

So once again my sister and I decided to go on a shopping rampage, so here's what I bought.

First let me say that I did buy a white bag from Primark but I decided to return it as I had second thoughts (it was £9 if you're interested.)

So the adventure started off in Topshop and.... they still had 'that' deal ( you know the one where they make you spend £15 and you get a free lip cream? Yeah that one...) I decided to build on my lipstick collection and bought 'Brighton Rock' which is like (what I would describe as) a muted neon pink. Matte, creamy and pigmented- what more could you want? (The other part of the deal was spent by my sister- she bought a glow pot- IT'S SO PRETTY)

Now I personally think the Lip Creams are a bit out of my comfort zone as they're pretty much neon colours so I decided to get a pretty dark colour instead. 'Smart'- this is a really dark purply- red which I think is perfect for Autumn/ Winter. It has flecks of shimmer in it and is so pigmented in turns into a stain once it wears off.

Lastly we went into Boots and they had a 3 for 2 which made me procrastinate a bit as it took me so long to choose what I wanted to get. I decided on this lipstick- Rimmel Kate Moss 110 which is a vibrant cherry red (pretty good all year round colour)- they last and stain for ages and there's a really good colour range whether it be matte or not. (Retails for £5.49)

I've actually had my eyes on this for months and months but every Boots I went into, there wasn't a tester for me to swatch but HALLELUJAH I found one. This blush (£11.00) is super shimmery and gives you that healthy pink glow. I guess, because of the shades in it, you could use it as an eyeshadow palette soo..... there's a 2 in 1 right there.

I really wanted to buy Essie's 'Figi' (a pale whitish- pink) but I was told that there's a Rimmel colour that is EXACTLY the same and it is. Rimmel 203- Lose Your Lingerie (about £3.69 I think- I threw my receipt away). A really pale pink that looks great with a tan (I know I'm not very good at painting my nails.) 

My last one is a bit random but whilst I was in Primark, I realised that I didn't own a pair of sunglasses as they all keep breaking but as the sun has started to make an appearance here in the UK I thought I may as well get some as they were only £1.

Well thanks for reading, hope you're having a good bank holiday weekend and I will talk to you all soon, bye :)

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