Monday, 12 May 2014

Hot Pink! | Ayesha

Nothing screams spring to me more than hot pink. Ever since I swatched my sister's 'All about me' lipstick by Topshop, I've been after it. However... it's the sort of colour that I only feel comfortable staining on to my lips. Cue a trip to Boots and thankfully they still have a 3 for 2 offer. I was able to get my trusty Collection mascara that I use as a brow gel, and as soon as I saw 'Sorbet' in the Revlon lip butter aisle, I fell in love. It's so creamy, yet surprisingly wearable! That's the thing about lip butters, they are sheer when you apply them so you can leave it at that or build up the shade if you want a stronger colour. 

The other lippy I bought was Loreal's new lipstick called L'Extraordinaire by Color Riche. It has a see-through strip down the side so you can see how much product you have left, which is great. It's in between a lipstick and a gloss and highly, highly pigmented. I bought a similar shade to the lip butter as it gives it a bit more punch - this one is called Rose Symphony. I tried it the other day with a bare-ish face (only did my eyebrows, blusher and concealer) and it looked really fresh and springy. My new favourite! I'm going to Brighton with hubby in the summer, so I will most definitely be whipping this out on that occasion ...And other occasion ...And maybe even work! Just everywhere!

What are your favourite spring lip colours?
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