Saturday, 24 May 2014

Much Needed Hand Luggage Essentials | Zahra

Hello everyone

Sorry about the lack of posts last week but I had exams and yeah....

Anyway, last week I also found out that I'm going on holiday (I'm going to Qatar- WOO YEAH) and I obviously needed to pack- suitcase and hand luggage.

Moving on, here's what I think you should have in your hand luggage:

This is my bag- it's from H&M and I love it so much. You can fit so much in there without that feeling of it going to break and that's the last thing you want when you're abroad.

I told you it can fit a lot.

So you definitely want to sort your skin out, especially on a long flight otherwise it will probably hate you so it's time to raid all your drawers for those samples that you'd never use or you could do what I did today which is just go to a counter at Boots or something and ask for a couple there. (The cotton pads are just for the toner I'm taking with me.) Also remember to put all your liquids in a clear plastic bag.

Right, let's get onto makeup then. As much as I hate it I'm not going to wear a lot of makeup while I'm there (it would probably just melt off my face lol) and none on the plane but these are just for when I change my mind and I want to (which I highly doubt will happen)

You'll want to take some for of entertainment with you so I'm taking 'Can You Keep a Secret?' by Sophie Kinsella and my (brother's) iPod. I might take an iPad and the camera with me too for some 'memories'
I also recommend keeping all of your valuables and electricals with you because if your suitcase gets lost...well have fun

A mirror for applying and creams, makeup etc...

Even though I'm going to tie my hair up beforehand, i think it's just really handy to have one because (especially if you have thick hair) your bobble might snap.

I get really cold on planes so having a cardigan and a scarf is essential for me (scarf- New Look, cardigan- Redoute)

And lastly, if you're going somewhere warm then sunglasses are a must have so that you don't blind yourself in the sun.

H&M Bag: H&M

Thanks for reading everyone, I hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend and I will see you soon!

Also let's be companions! (Weird? Oops)

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