Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Boots series #1 New things by Collection | Ayesha

Hi all! 

School's out for summer! It's actually been 2 and a half weeks, but again I find myself being too busy to post.

Anyway, after perusing the shelves at Boots many times these past weeks, today I found myself drawn to the Collection section. The only thing I buy from them is a clear mascara which I use as a brow setting gel, and tend to walk away thinking the other things wouldn't have staying power or be pigmented enough. However, just look at these:

I don't know why, but I have never seen these before! I was SO impressed by the swatches. They felt very soft and were highly pigmented, so much so that they would give the Naked palette by Urban Decay a run for their money. There were three palettes in total. One was called Nude which had lighter pinks and browns; Nude Bronze which is the one I bought; and Nude Grey which had cooler toned neutrals like greys, taupes and cooler shades of brown. 

The shadow sticks in particular made me literally say "wow" as I applied them; they are way more intense than they look in the pictures. The one labelled VB is called 'Vintage Blush' and is a pink shade with gold undertones. V is called 'Vanilla Sky' and is a very light shade of gold; almost like platinum. This looks like liquid gold.

Another thing to note is that when I wanted to clean the shadow sticks off my hand, a baby wipe just didn't work. They claim to be waterproof and long lasting which I now believe! However, I have very oily eyelids so I will test them out to see their true longevity.

If you are into shimmery shades then these will be for you. The Nude Bronze palette is definitely all shimmer, however I am unsure about whether the other ones contain some matte shades!

There are some other new things by Collection here.

All in all, on first impression, I am super impressed and as everything is less than £5 each, it is definitely worth it!

Which palette or shadow sticks would you go for?

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