Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The one with the Mohawk - Episode 3 | Ayesha

Now, this is an interesting one. I was already doubting our compatibility because I was told that they all dressed in "Islamic" gear bar the man in question. Now, the reason was not solely because of the dress; at the end of the day nobody can judge anyone based on what they wear or don't wear; but I've been brought up to believe that being spiritually muslim, praying, fasting and charity are of the utmost importance and modesty was for all sorts of things including wealth, not just dress. The reason I was put off was because I felt he may just be rebelling against his family and after his rebellion was over, may start dressing like that and expect that of me too. I am not one for that as I believe in choices and people treat things like that differently.

So the weekend came, and what a surprise he was! He looked so odd. Mohawk, biker jacket, so different from the rest of his family. His mum thought I was a younger sister and the girl they had come to see hadn't come downstairs yet, i.e she thought I looked young, not complaining about that! So the meeting went ok, we ate food then we had the opportunity to talk in the other room. 

The conversation went something like this. 

Me: where are you from?
Him: I'm from Bristol. 
Me: Ah, ok. 
Him: ... Do you know where Bristol is? 
Me: yes (I drew a map in the air to demonstrate) 
Him: good, because the last girl I met didn't know where it was, and I thought we wouldn't fit together because of that. 


Him: do you know how to drive? 
Me: yes, I have to drive to get to work. What about you?
Him: yes but I don't really like to, I prefer motorcycles. So if we went on long journeys I would rather my wife drove. 
Me: that's interesting. What else are you looking for?
Him: I would like someone who would, when shopping, look for the best price of something. So someone who... (He struggled to explain)
Me: like a bargain hunter? 
Him: yes, bargain hunting! Are you a bargain hunter?
Me: (...) Well, it would depend on the item but I wouldn't pay silly money for something that wasn't worth it. My mums got a good eye though, maybe ill learn more from her. 

So the conversation continued for a little while longer. It was ok, I thought he was a little weird though with the direct questions/statements but I suppose it's better that way. Actually, it wasn't the directness that was the problem, it was more the 'I like bargain hunters and drivers and for them to be able to know geographical locations in England.' It's making me laugh now actually just thinking about it. 

I wasn't really interested in meeting again, because I just felt that on the whole, the family were just too different from mine. When they phoned, they actually wanted to meet again and the guy didnt want someone who covered her head. However, his mum said she would like me to. (As if they get to pick and choose what a woman wears and not? That's not how I've been brought up). My mum said I wouldn't feel comfortable in their family and his mum said 'ok she can just wear it when they come over to see family then.' I'm so glad my mum told her off and said its not about show, and that I really would not be comfortable at all there. They didn't seem to place as much importance on how many prayers I read. So, it ended.

More soon! 

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