Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Bake a cake in less than 2 MINUTES! | Ayesha

Hello again! This is the beauty of being on holiday for 2 weeks - I actually have time to do pleasurable things like blogging!

A few weekends ago, my friend Katie came over. She is a fellow food fan like myself, and we decided to give a microwaveable cake a whirl. This is just a cake that you would normally bake in the oven, but instead, you bake it in the microwave.

We decided on a chocolate and peanut butter cake from Yammies Noshery. See it for yourself to believe it. Saliva ensues.

Left bowl - beaten eggs. Right bowl - butter and peanut butter combined.
Cocoa powder, flour and sugar combined with the peanut butter and butter mixture.

Microwave - breath was held for fear of explosion...

The finished deliciousness.

I am aware that I used a bowl and not a mug to bake this; the mugs I have are just too small. 

Another thing to add is the recipe states to bake for up to 2 minutes. I did it for 2 minutes and the cake was slightly on the dry side. I would definitely only bake it for 1.5 minutes max as the cake will continue cooking while it's still hot, even when you have taken it out of the microwave. Despite being slightly dry, it was still moist and absolutely delicious! It fills a hole and it takes less than 10 minutes from prep time to baking to cooling. This yielded 3 generous slices, too. The best part is that all the ingredients are measured in SPOONS! I have yet to acquire some proper baking equipment so this was perfect for me, as I have spoons...

Have you baked anything in a microwave? 

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