Wednesday, 31 December 2014

WELCOME TO 2015! | Zahra


Hope you all had a really good Christmas and ate loads of food and spent time with great people :)

It hasn't really occurred to me how we've already reached the end of 2014, I'm pretty sure I started secondary school like 2 minutes ago or something, but OMG has time flown by.

But really, this year has gone so quickly and so many good things have come out of it:
~I started a blog with my sister
~I started youtube
~I feel extremely happy (most of the time) *cringes*
~I went on holiday (even if it did get so hot I cried)

There have been a few bad things though...*'The Haircut'*...but to be honest this year's just been positive and full of sunshines and rainbows.

Next year I have some resolutions that I am DETERMINED to accomplish because I think nearly everyone makes a list and ten goes 'oh I'll start tomorrow' but in reality they never get round to it.

Well....Here's the list:

Dress size 10-12/8-10
Drink more water
Do NOT overeat
Eat clean- maybe try being a vegetarian
Be happy :)
Keep working- don't get distracted
Try something more adventurous and new
Enjoy myself
Save money (pfft, that's really likely)
Be more active on YouTube and ze blog
Look after my skin more
Finish 'The Book' (the one I'm currently writing)
Be more confident
Read more 
Don't be scared to wear dark/ bright lipsticks (random but true)

These are most of them, I would include them all but I have a feeling that this would be a very long post and I don't want to bore you all to death, so technically I'm doing you a favour.

Maybe this post has given you some inspiration as to what to add to your lists.

Tell me what your New Year's Resolutions are in the comments :)

Happy New Year, hope it's a good'un

And yes that is my writing that I can't read
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